THE right steps



— Denys and Maryna

"In difficult life situations trust your specialist and you'll see how quickly your life will improve in different aspects!!!"

London’s Ukrainian & Russian Speaking  Trauma & Family Counsellor


How do you feel Right Now?

At this moment as you are reading this page, How do you feel? On a scale of 0 to 10 (where 0 is terrible and 10 is excellent), what number are you at? 

I believe  that you could be at 9 or even 10. Where you feel good about your life and full of energy. I say this because I have helped people just like you go from the depths of despair to feeling truly joyful. My specialist education, specific techniques and years of successful experience can help you too. Russian Speaking and based in London, I work with:

-Professionals and other individuals




Most of my clients experience troubles in 4 areas:

1. Relationship

2. Stress

3. Emotional injuries - Trauma/PTSD

4. Grief & Bereavement

I'm resolving relationship issues such as separation, divorce, affairs, difficulties in dating, sex, conflicts, arguing, communication, money, emotional infidelity. 
After over a decade of helping people with relationship and stress problems, I have identified some common mistakes almost everyone makes and some simple solutions that are universally helpful. I have made some videos to help you understand these problems and apply the solutions. 

If you are having problems in your relationship, watch my video that teaches you "The 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make in Their Relationship and How To Avoid Them"

Very often stress issue is related to anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, fears and PTSD. 

If you are having problems dealing with stress, get my free video that shows you "How To Conquer Stress and Start to Feel Better TODAY"

A psychological trauma leaves deep wounds, which are not so easy to see and identify unfortunately. For some invisible reason, a person suffers from migraines, insomnia, heartaches and stomach pains. He develops phobias, anxiety and quite often has nightmares. He has difficulties in developing healthy relationships with others and in general, does not feel happy with himself. These are just a few common symptoms and consequences of psychological trauma. They persist and are organised into a specific record that plays around the clock, creating the background of your life.

Possessing highly effective techniques, I invite each of my client to address their traumas and emotional injuries. This process takes 1-3 consultations on average. As a result, the client immediately feels released and freed from his heavy emotional and mental burden. For comparison, every gardener will agree that the flowerbed must be cleaned from weeds and deep unwanted roots. Only after that it is wise to start planting new beautiful flowers.

If you would really like to take hold of your life and be able to feel happy, calm and fulfilled, then book a free short evaluation with me now. We will talk on the phone and will assess your issues and let you know how I can help you. There is no obligation to book a session with me so take this opportunity to find what difference therapy could make to your life. 

If you are ready to make the Right Steps towards a happy conscious life book your evaluation now.